Boost Your Company’s Sales through Our Market Research Platform

Exim Trade Data provides the best market research platform for retail companies. We provide actionable data insights that help your business flourish in the global market. Our brief business intelligence reports assist you in analyzing your customer’s intent, market demand, product pricing, supply chain and identifying business growth opportunities.

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Establish Your Business in the Global Market with Actionable Insights

Leverage our market intelligence reports to identify the profitable investment opportunities and build valuable business partnerships. Make accurate and more profitable decisions based on accurate trade statistics.


Targeted Marketing

A happy customer ensures happy returns for your retail business. We provide various metrics and parameters that help identify your customers’ base and segment them by demographics, requirements, buying patterns and reviews. Refine your product and services as per customer’s needs and yield profitable results.


Pricing Strategy

Our trade intelligence platform helps businesses to build a comprehensive pricing strategy. We provide accurate trade statistics of top products imports, exports, and competitor shipment activities. It helps you to compare your business performance with your competitors and evaluate their pricing strategy. Based on these statistics, you can make more informed decisions regarding pricing and increase your sales profit.


Analyze Customer Demand

Analyze customer demand through in-depth insights into the global import export market. Discover the top traded products by HS Code, quantity, price, country and company name. Monitor the shopping patterns of global consumers and discover their requirements. Shift your focus towards the product's demand in the retail market and enhance your market share.


Supply Chain Management

An efficient supply chain and inventory management process is a very crucial aspect of a successful retail business. We provide detailed ports shipments reports that help you analyze the trade flow, and demand in the global market. It helps you fill up your stocks as per current market demand. Also, you can cut your costs by importing quality goods from genuine suppliers offering better pricing.


Business Strategy

Build a comprehensive business strategy based on our expert market intelligence reports. Get accurate forecasts of market trends, demand, future risk, and growth opportunities in the retail sector. Perform an extensive market research by utilizing our actionable data insights. Plan and implement a successful marketing strategy and take your retail business to new heights.


Sales with high ROI

Achieve your revenue goals through our global companies’ database. We help you to connect with the top import-export companies from the international market. Get in-depth insights into their shipment activities and identify the sales prospects with high ROI. You can generate a lot of quality business leads through our portal with minimal investment.

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Government Agencies

Market Intelligence Platform for Government Agencies

Exim Trade Data provides the best global market intelligence platform for government agencies. We help government bodies in analyzing the international market trends, demand, risks and trade forecasts. We provide comprehensive business reports that assist them in making accurate strategic decisions, framing trade policies, adding tariffs and generating more revenue on goods and services.

Research & Consulting

Global Trade Intelligence Platform for Research & Consulting Companies

Empower your market research through our global trade intelligence platform. Make more accurate decisions based on our business intelligence reports. Identify the most profitable markets by HSN Code, product details, quantity, price, port shipments, country, buyers, and supplier details. Reach to the top trading companies through our global companies list and discover the potential business growth opportunities.

IT and Consulting

Revolutionize your business through our Trade Intelligence Platform

Transform your business through Exim Trade Data Market Intelligence Platform. Get in-depth insights into the global market trends, demand, and technologies. Utilize these valuable insights to refine your services and ensure seamless experience for your customers.

Law Firms

Expert Trade Data Solutions for Law Firms & Legal Professionals

Exim Trade Data provides the expert data solutions for Law firms & legal professionals. Get a track of the global market trends, trade policies regarding goods through our comprehensive market intelligence reports. Discover the key performing factors through our reports and identify the growth opportunities to expand your relationships.