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Exim Trade Data pools the most comprehensive knowledge from the most diverse group of capital-intensive sectors and marketplaces. Our analysts and industry professionals give our customers with a fuller, more integrated perspective of their environment by linking data across variables.

That is The New Intelligence's advantage. We can now identify cause and effect, risk, and opportunity in new ways, allowing our clients to make more confident decisions based on market intelligence reports.

Our worldwide information expertise extends across a wide range of industries, including leadership roles in banking, energy, transportation, finance, automobile, etc.

Industries we cover

Education & Academics

To assist researchers, educators, and trainees in filtering value from the noise of an ever-expanding digital universe, we promote world-class academic and educational practice across civilian, commercial, and military worlds.

Defense & Aerospace

Our offerings for the whole aviation and military supply chain make use of cutting-edge technology to provide an unrivaled mix of data, expertise, technical knowledge, and analytics.


Exim’s auto specialists in various global countries help suppliers, dealers, and automakers understand and act on national and international opportunities, risk, legislation, and the disruptive influence of technology and big in-depth researched data. From concept design through sales, marketing, and aftermarket, we provide unrivaled data-driven solutions and services across the entire value chain.


In the face of market volatility, regulatory challenges, geopolitical risk, and altering end-user demand, we assist industry leaders in making confident decisions. Use data on economic and country risk, hydrocarbon and raw material trends, supply- and distribution-chain management, and environmental compliance to help you make better decisions.


For the ever-changing construction sector, building material suppliers, construction equipment firms, architects, and contractors may receive reliable and timely data, analysis, research, and insight into the present and future market circumstances and building requirements.

Natural Resources & Energy

Energy has you covered whether you need to find the safest drilling location, assess an oil asset, or evaluate a solar array investment. Our 600+ energy specialists and 800+ geoscientists and engineers use proprietary data and sophisticated analytics to provide insights into the full energy value chain, from underground oil, gas, and coal to renewables, local gas stations, and worldwide power grids.

Maritime & Commercial

Our expertise and insight, based on a more than 250-year history of information collection, assist you in navigating the complicated environment of the seaborne trade. For the marine, security, and energy-trading groups, resources include ownership data, live ship movements, risk profiles, and intelligence tools.

Services in the Financial Sector

Bankers, asset managers, corporate finance experts, and insurers all across the world must weigh economic instability, geopolitical turmoil, and interconnected industry dynamics when making investment and lending choices. With our award-winning economic predictions and analyses, Financial & Capital Markets aids you in strategic planning as well as managing your investment and loan portfolios.