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About Exim Trade Data

Exim Trade Data is the most trusted data service provider company across the world. We provide in-depth insights into the global market through our exclusive database of over 60+ countries.

We provide customized data solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We offer BI powered import-export analytics, customs data, ports data, global products and global companies’ data reports to our customers.

Through our expertise in data mining and data processing, we have created an impressive database that helps business in understanding the global trade market. We provide a verified import-export data of over 60+ countries.

Exim Trade Data gives you instant access to 60+ countries data, global products data, global companies shipments data, global HS Code List, free sample data and unlimited data search on its portal.

Suppose, we are given an ITC HS Code: 9009840000

  • High Quality Data and actionable insights
  • Identify global market trends, demand and risks
  • Track and Monitor Competitors with global companies’ database
  • Discover genuine buyers & Suppliers for your business
  • Enhance your sales potential by generating quality leads

Although there are various Market Intelligence Platforms available in the market but Exim Trade Data offer some exclusive services to its clients. These includes-

  • 60+ countries data
  • Global Ports Shipment Data
  • Global Importers Shipment Data
  • Global Exporters Shipment Data
  • Global Products Shipment Data
  • Global HS Code List
  • Free Sample Data
  • Unlimited Free Data Search
  • Customized Reports (yearly, monthly & quarterly)

Over the years, we have worked with some of the top clients-

  • Dell
  • Bajaj
  • Mahindra
  • Hero Motorcorp
  • Orient bell Tiles

Our data is based on global bills of lading, commercial invoices, customs data, ports shipments, government bodies, trade associates, logistics and other trusted sources in import-export business. We are teamed up with global partners and have a wide reach in the global market. You can consider us as the most reliable data service provider company. We are known for our accuracy and quality in data.

Exim Trade Data provides seamless support to its customers. You can easily reach us through Email: / Live Chat. Also, you can call us at +91-9625812393.

Features & Benefits of Global Import Export Data

There are different types of Data such as

Statistical Data: : It helps you to identify market trends, demand and evaluate product pricing. It contains Date of shipment, Product Quantity, Price, Country of Origin/Destination, etc.

Customs Data: : Customs Data is the data indicated by the customs department of global countries. It includes valuable shipping details such as product HS Code, description, country, buyer, supplier name, and port of loading/unloading.

Mirror Data: : It contains the data of countries with little coverage. It is extracted from the data indicated by their trading partner countries.

Bill of Lading Data: : This kind of data is determined on the basis of shipping details of a company excluding pricing.

Well it depends on your business requirements.

  • If you want to gain key market insights such top product imports, exports, pricing etc., then you can opt for Statistical Data.
  • If you want genuine leads for your business, then you can go for Customs Data. As, it includes the name of importer, exporter, country, product HS Code, description, etc.

At last, you can customize your data as per your needs. At Exim Trade Data, we bring the best data solutions for your business.

We provide over 60+ countries' import and export data. You can find top imports, exports, buyers lists, and suppliers lists of top trading nations such Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, and more.

We provide vital data fields in our data such as Product HS Code, Description, Quantity, Unit, Value, Country of Origin/Destination, Importer Name, Exporter Name, Port and Shipment details.

We provide exclusive data of over 20+ countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Fiji, Zambia, Congo, etc. So, if you are looking to explore opportunities in these exclusive markets, you can contact us.

We provide country-wise customized data reports (monthly, quarterly & yearly). Also you can collect country wise importers and exporters’ data.

We make weekly updates on the data of various countries. We work our very best to keep you up to date with the latest market ups and downs through our data.

You can use our HS Code Finder to find HS Code for any item. You can find the HSN Code of over 5000+ goods with our Global HSN Code List.

Yes, we have a well-defined database of global products. You can evaluate pricing and product demand by tracking shipments of those particular products. You can visit the Global Product list to search product-wise import and export data for a particular country.

You can find GST rates for various HS Codes on our HSN GST rates list. To view the full list, click here.

Yes, we have an exclusive database of country-wise importers and exporters. You can find genuine leads from the Global Companies Database Directory.

Yes, we help businesses with in-depth competitor analysis. Our Global companies database helps you track all the shipment activities of your competitors from various countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Tanzania, etc.

Yes, you can perform an unlimited search of global trade data at our website. You will get detailed data with HSN Code, Product Description, Quantity, Price, Value, Buyer Name, Supplier Name, Country of Origin/Destination, and port shipments. Please visit our Global search page.

Yes, you can extract the data sample, HS Code List, and GST rates in excel and PDF format.

Exim Trade Data provides the best import export data solutions for all the businesses. They have over 60+ countries' trade data.

Import refers to the buying of goods whereas export refers to the selling of goods
An Import data refers to the data of a country's or company's imports.
On the other hand, export data refers to the exports of goods from a country to another country.

Exim Trade Data is the best global trade data service provider company offering the global import export data of over 60+ countries. Find genuine leads for your business and enhance your market revenue with their global import export database.

Exim Trade Data gives you instant access to the global data search by Industry. You will get the detailed data with HS Code, product name, quantity, value, country of origin/destination and port of loading/unloading.

Import Data helps you find the current product demand of that particular country. It helps you mitigate risk; evaluate pricing, monitor competitors and find genuine buyers from the country.

ITC stands for International Trade Centre established in the year 1964. It is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN).

Exim Trade Data provides tons of global companies’ profiles. Get detailed import export shipment records of top trading companies’. Find genuine buyers as per your market.

There are two types of trades - Home Trade and Foreign Trade.
Home Trade is further divided into two types - Wholesale Trade & Retail Trade
Foreign Trade is of three types - Import Trade, Export Trade & Entrepot Trade

Exporting goods and services is more profitable than imports. Mostly, the exporters manufacture goods at comparatively less costs and sell them at a high profit margin. Also, Exports strengthen the economy of a country.
On the other hand, imports are the goods and services purchased by the country in order to sustain its economy or meet the demand of the domestic market. Sometimes, Imports cost more than usual depending on the current demand, import duty, etc.

  • An import refers to the goods and services that a country purchases from other nations.
  • Imports are the goods that are manufactured in the origin country.
  • Large number of imports means the rise in demands of the domestic market.
  • An export refers to the goods and services that a country sells to the other countries.
  • Exports are the goods that are manufactured domestically.
  • Large scale exports represent the trade surplus.

Import Trade refers to the buying of goods and services from one country to another.
Export Trade refers to the selling of goods and services from one country to another.

A Successful Import Export business starts with proper market research. There are many important factors which are needed to keep in mind such as market demand, product pricing, risk involved, competitor analysis and potential business clients. A Global Import Export Data from Exim Trade Data can help your business to succeed in the global market.

Yes, Import and export business is a very profitable business. And with a data driven marketing strategy, you can maximise your sales and enhance your revenue. Get access to the verified data of over 60+ countries.

To become a successful exporter, you need a quality product, competitive pricing, and genuine buyers. You can get all these actionable insights through our global exporters’ database. Please do visit our global search page.

Exim Trade Data gives you instant access to the global companies’ profile. Find the best importers and buyers companies from our country wise global company database.

Find top international buyers and importer companies from our country wise global company database.

Discover country wise buyers and importers for your product through our global company database. Monitor their shipments, buying behaviour and plan accordingly.

To export products to other countries, some essential documents like Bill of Lading, Airway bill, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, IEC Code, Shipping Bill, etc. are required. Also, you can consult us at for more detailed information.

Exim Trade Data gives you access to the tons of importers and exporters profiles which could be your potential business clients. Please do visit our global company profile page.

You can find HSN code for your product using our HSN Code Finder. Find the detailed HSN Codes for over 5000+ goods.

IEC stands for Import Export Code. It is a 10-digit code issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). You need to submit an application on DGFT website to obtain an IEC Code. Within 10-15 days of submitting the application, you will receive an IEC Code. An IEC Code has lifetime validity.

Get a country wise exporters list at our global company profile page.

Exim Trade Data provides the global port data with detailed shipments by HS Code, Product Description, Buyer, Supplier Name, and Country of Origin/Destination.

If you are looking to start an import export business at home, you first need a quality product with an appropriate pricing to export. Then, you are required to have quality data for a comprehensive market research. Exim Trade Data helps you find genuine buyers and suppliers for your products. Global Trade Data minimises your financial risk and brings quality sales for your business.

Global Market Facts & Figures

The United States of America is the largest importer of goods followed by China and Germany.

WalMart is the leading import company in the world with over 930,000 TEUs in 2020.

As per global trade data, the top 10 imports are Crude Oil, Petroleum Oils, Medicaments, Motor Cars, Gold, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Semiconductors, Light oils & preparations of petroleum and Transmission Apparatus.

As per global import export data, the top 10 exports are Integrated Circuits, Mineral Fuels & Oils, Vehicles, Refined Petroleum, Mobile Phones, Computers, Vaccines, Automobile Parts, Gold and Natural Gas.

The major U.S. Imports are Electronic Machineries (14.8%), Electrical, Equipment (13.9%), Vehicles (10%), Pharmaceutical Products (5.5%) and Mineral Oils & Fuels (5.2%).

Sudan is the country with the lowest number of imports responsible for 1.18% imports of goods and services as % of GDP in 2021.

As per our Global Import Export Data, China (3.36 Trillion US Dollars), the United States (2.52 Trillion US Dollars) and Germany (1.33 Trillion US Dollars) are the largest exporter countries in the world.

China is the number one exporter in the world with a total export value of 3.36 Trillion US Dollars in 2021.

China, Germany, Russia and Ireland are the top trading countries with less trade deficit. Exim Trade Data provides the complete guide on how to start a successful import export business. You can consult us at or call us at +91-9625812393.

Canada is the largest trading partner of the United States followed by Mexico, China, Japan and South Korea.

The United States is the largest trading partner of China followed by Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

Exim Trade Data provides the latest accurate U.S. import data statistics by HS Code, Product Name, Quantity, Unit, Value, Buyer Name, Supplier Name, Country of Origin/Destination and Port of Loading/Unloading.

As per global trade data 2021, Electronics Integrated Circuits (1.01 Trillion US Dollars) were the most exported items in the world followed by Mineral Oils & Fuels (820.8 Billion US Dollars), and Cars (710.4 Billion US Dollars).

The United States, China and Germany are the top 3 importing countries in the world.

As per US export data 2021, Electronics Machineries (12.50%) are the top exports of the United States followed by Electrical Equipment, Machinery (11.1%), and Mineral Oils & Fuels (10.5%)

Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland are the major countries with no import duty. Iceland (0.71%) and Canada (0.85%) are other two nations with lowest import tariffs.

There are no such countries which are duty free. Each Country charges a significant amount of fee when the item is being imported.

As per China Import Data 2021, the United States did the majority of imports from China followed by Hong Kong and Japan.

Sudan is the country with the lowest number of imports responsible for 6.1% exports of goods and services as % of GDP in 2021.

As per Global trade data of 2022, the United States of America accounted for the highest number of imports (208 Billion US Dollars) as of June 2022.

As per 2022 Global Trade Data, Pharmaceuticals & Medicine Manufacturing was the leading industry in terms of Imports with the highest import value of 650,607,7 Billion US Dollars

As per our global products data, Crude Oil, Medicaments, Vehicles, Gold and Electronics are the top 5 products for import export.

China is the biggest oil importer country in the world followed by India and the United States.

Prior market research is very important in identifying the right market and target audience. Exim Trade Data helps you in thorough market research and brings the potential business leads through their quality import and export data.

India's main exports include Aluminium, Zinc Alloys, Diamond, Medicines, Mobile Phones, and Frozen Shrimps.

There are certain documents required while importing clothes from Thailand to India such as Customs Entry Document, Customs bond, Customs declarations, Import Licence, Letter of Credit, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Insurance Certificate, Certificates of Inspection and many more. You can consult us at for more detailed information.

Exim Trade Data provides the country wise global product list with detailed shipment data. To get India Imports Products List, please kindly visit India Imports Page.

Pricing & Plans

Well, the pricing differs from country to country. It depends on your needs and the kind of data you want for your business.

You can make payment through various payment modes such as Debit card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wire Transfer, DD, UPI, Cash, and Cheque deposit.

Yes, we provide free sample data prior to buying our service.

We provide verified customs and statistical data of 60+ countries. We have an advanced market intelligence platform that helps businesses in exploring opportunities in the global market. We also offer data on demand.

As soon as you make a payment, you will get the data within 2-3 hours.

Yes, you can customize your data plan as per your requirement and budget. We provide weekly, quarterly, monthly, and year-wise statistics.

You can reach us at or Live Chat. Also, you can call us at +91-9625812393.

We reply as soon as you drop an inquiry. Our main objective is to provide fast, reliable & expert data solutions to the customers.

We ensure complete customer satisfaction. In any case, if you are not satisfied with our service; we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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If you still have an questions regarding our company, data types, services and pricing, we are happy to help you.

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