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$8.23 Billion



Congo Import Data

Get Accurate Congo Import Customs Shipment Trade Data

Our Latest DR Congo Import Data of 2021 suggests that Congo imports goods worth around $8.23 billion. DR Congo is ranked 105th in the list of world’s top importers. In terms of GDP per Capita, DR Congo is the 123rd largest economy in the world.

DR Congo Import Shipments Data reflects that the top Congo import products are Medicines, Refined Petroleum, Paper products, Vehicles, Electrical and Electronic goods. DR Congo’s top 3 trading partners for product imports are France, China and Belgium.

DR Congo does large scale imports in order to support its struggling economy. You can make good profits by selling quality goods in Congo Market. A Verified DR Congo Importers Data can help you find genuine Buyers and Importers in DR Congo.

Congo Import Sample Data

Congo Import Trade Data

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You can download free DR Congo Import Sample Data by HS Code, Country Name, Buyer Name, Product Name, Unit, Price, Importer Name, Port of Loading/Unloading, and Shipping information.

Field Name Detail
Date : 1/1/2021
HS Code : 732591000000
Quantity : 17000
Quantity Unit : KGM
Value($) : 3496.79
Country of Origin : Tanzania
Country of Destination : Congo
Port : Djeno Port
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Congo's Major Imports Products

Congo Top Imports

According to Congo Import Statistics, Congo top 10 import commodities in 2021 were Industrial Machinery & Parts (13.95%), Electronic Products (7.95%), Vehicles (6.97%), Pharma Products (5.86%), Iron & Steel Articles (4.28%), Plastics (3.86%), Mineral Oils & Fuels (3.34%), Salt, Sulphur, Stones (3.12%), Precious Metals, Inorganic Chemicals (2.87%), and Raw Iron & Steel (2.74%).

Based on Congo Traders Data, the top 10 product imports by Congo shared an import value of $4.43 billion along with a 54.94 % share of total imports. You will find more detailed statistics of DR Congo major imports products by HS Code, Total Import Value, and Total Import Share in the table given below:

Congo Major Imports Products
Congo Top Import Trading Partners

Congo's Top Import Trading Partners

Congo Largest Trading Partners

Congo Import Trade Data suggests that Congo mostly imports from France, China and Belgium. In terms of total Import share, DR Congo Top Import Trading Partners in 2021 were France (13%), China (10.56%), Belgium (9.67%), Angola (5.93%), The United States of America (4.43%), Italy (3.98%), Cameroon (3.45%), Namibia (3.23%), United Arab Emirates (3.15%) and Togo (2.49%).

The total import value for DR Congo Largest Trading Partners was around $1.48 billion with a total import share of 59.89%. In the chart mentioned below, we have provided a detailed analysis of the DR Congo top 10 trading partners based on total import value and total import share.

Congo Port List

Major Sea Ports in congo

Congo is the second largest country in the African Continent. The Country has a quality supply chain structure to facilitate large scale import operations. The Port of Abidjan is the main seaport of Congo. Here, we have shared some of the major sea ports in Congo accounting for maximum month-wise import shipments.

Congo Top Importers

Buyers List of Congo

According to Congo Buyers Data, Congo Pharma Sarl and Modex Congo Sarl are the top importers of Congo. Here we have presented the Top Buyers List of Congo based on our latest Congo Import Customs Data.

  • Congo Pharma Sarl
  • Modex Congo Sarl
  • Phoenix Corporation Inc
  • Cimutek
  • Societe Multi commercial
  • Rubaco
  • Oasis Mineral Point
  • Kolwezi Mining Co
  • Kanu Equipment Congo
  • Bonaranch Africa
  • Tanganyika Mining Sprl
  • Socit Cooprative Minire Tujenge Congo
  • Manze Mines Company Katanga Group Limited
  • Bondo Mines Ltd
  • Pic Sprl
  • Optima Congo
  • Congo Pharma Sarl
  • Abc Pharma Ltd
  • Bdeltd
 Congo Import Trade Data

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