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Namibia Export Data

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According to the latest Namibia Export Data of 2021, Namibia goods exports are worth 6.18 Billion US Dollars. Namibia was ranked 106th on the list of the world’s top exporters. As per WTO reports, it is the 140th largest economy in the world.

Namibia customs export shipment data suggests that the majority of its exports were to China, South Africa and Botswana. The top product exports of Namibia are Gold, Diamonds, Copper, Chemicals and Machinery.

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Namibia Export Sample Data

Namibia Export Trade Data

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Field Name Detail
Date : 1/25/2021
HS Code : 85011099
Product Details Motor
Quantity : 1
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 1046.12
Country of Origin : Namibia
Country of Destination : Indonesia
Port : Walvis Bay
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Namibia Major Exports Products

Namibia Top Exports

According to Namibia Export Statistics, Namibia’s top 10 export commodities in 2021 were Copper & its Articles (30.2%), Pearls, Precious Stones & Metals (20.1%), Ores, Ash & Slaq (12.3%), Fish & Crustaceans (10.6%), Machinery (1.4%), Plastics & its Articles (1.2%), Inorganic Chemicals (1.2%), Mineral Oils & Fuels (1%), Vehicles & its parts (0.99%) and Salt, Sulphur, Earth & Stones (0.98%).

Based on Namibia Sellers Data, the top 10 product exports by Namibia shared an export value of 4.58 Billion USD along with a 79.97% share of total exports. You will find more detailed statistics of Namibia's major exports by HS Code, Total Export Value, and Total Export Share in the chart given below:

Namibia Major Export Products
Namibia Top Export Trading Partners

Namibia Top Export Trading Partners

Namibia Largest Trading Partners

Namibia Customs Shipment Data suggests that China is the largest importer of goods from Namibia. In terms of total export share, Namibia’s Top export Trading Partners in 2021 were the China (34%), South Africa (14.2%), Botswana (7.8%), Belgium (5.1%), Spain (4.6%), Zambia (4.2%), DR Congo (2.5%), Germany (2.2%), United Arab Emirates (1.8%) and Netherlands (1.6%).

The total export value for Namibia Largest Trading Partners was around 4.28 Billion US Dollars with a total export share of 78%. In the chart mentioned below, we have provided detailed analysis of Namibia’s top 10 trading partners based on total export value and total export share.

Namibia Port List

Major Sea Ports in Namibia

Namibia's Market is an underdeveloped country. It's a crucial link for South-western African Trade. Namibia has an improved supply chain structure. Walvis Bay is the main seaport in Namibia responsible for maximum cargo volume. Here, we have shared some of the major sea ports in Namibia accounting for maximum month-wise export shipments.

Namibia Top Exporters

Namibia Exporters List

According to Namibia Suppliers Data, Namibia Electrical Distributors CC and Logistix International are Namibia Top exporters companies. Here we have presented the Top Namibia Exporters List based on our latest Namibia Custom export Data.

  • Namibia Electrical Distributors CC
  • Logistix International
  • Mining, Maintenance Company
  • Rossing Uranium
  • Leap Trading Enterprises
  • Express Foods
  • Patented Business Solutions
  • Stefan
  • Winpack Packaging CC
  • Gurtbest Investment
  • Namco Charcoal
  • Impresario Beauty Oils Africa
  • Tutemeni Namibia Investment Ltd
  • Ranger Mining Services CC
  • Nexim Trading
  • Lab Tech Suppliers Namibia
  • De Beers Marine Namibia
  • Pasekos Foods CC
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