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Kenya Import Data

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As per our latest Kenya Import Data of 2021, Kenya imported goods worth 17.8 Billion US Dollars. Kenya was ranked 77th on the list of the world’s top importers. In terms of GDP per capita, it is 152nd largest economy in the world.

Kenya’s top imports are Medicines, Palm Oils, Crude Petroleum, Vehicles and Broadcasting Equipment. Kenya’s top 3 trading partners are China, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Kenya is a developing nation. Kenya relies mainly on imports to support its economy. With Rising consumer demands and low import tariffs, Kenya is the best place to invest. A Verified Kenya Importers Data can help you generate more profit by minimizing risk.

Kenya Import Sample Data

Kenya Import Trade Data

Exim Trade Data gives you quick access to year-wise, monthly, and quarterly Kenya Import statistics. We provide the most accurate Kenya Shipments Import data based on bill of lading, latest transactions, commercial invoices, customs, shipment details, and trusted documents required in import-export.

It gives you a statistical analysis of current market trends and your competitors. You can find genuine importers and buyers from our Kenya Importers database. It’s a great tool to grow your business in the Kenya Market.

You can download free kenya Import Data Sample by HS Code, Country Name, Buyer Name, Product Name, Unit, Price, Importer Name, Port of Loading/Unloading, and Shipping information.

Field Name Detail
Date : 1/13/2021
HS Code : 63049110
Product Details 191-1-20-18 / 19/15-V3-100T # & Blinds tulle impregnated with mosquito repellent, size 190x180x150 cm, 100D, 100% # & VN
Quantity : 6000
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 14178
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Country of Destination : Kenya
Port : Mombasa Port
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Kenya's Major Imports Products

Kenya Top Imports

According to Kenya Import Statistics, Kenya’s top 10 import commodities in 2021 were Mineral Oils & Fuels (18.70%), Machineries (8.88%), Electrical, Machinery, Equipment (7.13%), Vehicles (6.98%), Raw Iron & Steel (5.14%), Cereals (4.35%), Plastics (4.12%), Vegetables or Animal Fats & Oils (3.22%), Pharma Products (3.15%) and Paper & Paperboard (2.14%).

Based on Kenya Traders Data, the top 10 product imports by Kenya shared an import value of 10.89 Billion US Dollars along with a 63.81% share of total imports. You will find more detailed statistics of Kenya's major imports products by HS Code, Total Import Value, and Total Import Share in the table given below:

kenya Major Imports Products
kenya Top Import Trading Partners

Kenya's Top Import Trading Partners

Kenya Largest Trading Partners

Kenya Customs Shipment Data suggests that Kenya imports goods mostly from China, India and the United Arab Emirates. In terms of total Import share, Kenya’s Top Import Trading Partners in 2021 were China (19.30%), India (8.90%), United Arab Emirates (9.10%), Saudi Arabia (6.80%), Japan (5.10%), South Africa (3.70%), the United States (3.10%), Indonesia (2.50%), Germany (2.10%) and Egypt (1.90%).

The total import value for Kenya Largest Trading Partners was around 11.2 Billion US Dollars with a total import share of 62.50%. In the chart mentioned below, we have provided detailed analysis of Kenya’s top 10 trading partners based on total import value and total import share.

Kenya Port List

Major Sea Ports in Kenya

Kenya is currently undergoing rapid development. It is continuously working on its infrastructure, financial sector, and supply chain management. Mombasa Port and Reitz Port are the main seaports of Kenya. Here, we have shared some of the major sea ports in Kenya accounting for maximum month-wise shipments.

Kenya Top Importers

Buyers List of Kenya

According to Kenya Buyers Data, Eramace Car Importers Ltd. and Berium Africa Ltd. are the top importers companies of Kenya. Here we have presented the Top Buyers List of Kenya based on our latest Kenya Import Customs Data.

  • Eramace Car Importers Ltd.
  • Berium Africa LTD
  • Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited
  • Ibnubashir Express Parcel Co.Ltd
  • Bladze Investments
  • Direct Wheelers Express
  • Guangnai Trading Company Ltd
  • Oshwal Cash N Carry
  • Vigilant Marine Services
  • Fire Bliss Solutions Limited
  • The Phoenix Ltd
  • East Africa Motors Ltd
  • Radhey Business Tech Limited
  • Buyers Logistics Limited
  • States Duka
 kenya Import Trade Data

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